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We just met, so I don’t think you really want the whole glorious spiel of how I became I writer and where I live and what my dreams are. Let’s start off with a few strange facts, shall we?

When I traveled across the country to begin classes at a college I hadn’t even visited, I quickly learned that two particular nuggets about myself immediately got people’s attention: I graduated in a class of nine — that’s oh-niner — students, and I was from Oregon. Considering the only other students who weren’t residents of Georgia (and within easy driving distance of laundry services) were the Irish guys who unfathomably came to campus on a soccer scholarship, the latter was big news in a small pond. And quite probably the only time I’ll ever be able to pull off an exotic vibe based on growing up on the west coast.

What else? I spent my earliest years running through the forest with hound dogs, chasing black bears by day and fishing off the joists of an old wooden bridge with a Coleman lantern by night. My first best friend was a white Welsh pony named “Silver”, who only ate blackberries if they were ripe enough to fall into his mouth when he gently nuzzled them. We read a lot of books together. I was that completely oblivious girl in high school who thought I was there to study — though my nerdiness was offset just slightly by playing two sports, and accidentally giving someone a bloody nose in gym the day after overhearing said person claim that I had no social life. Not so sure if that helped with the social life.

I have been, at different stages of life and for varying lengths of time: a horse trainer, a gas station attendant (in Oregon and New Jersey, pumping gas is too hazardous for amateurs), a math tutor, an underpaid lab assistant, a sandwich artist (and a manager of teenage sandwich artists), and a scientist. Somehow or another, that all led to who I am now: mother, wife, freelance editor, writer. Which only makes sense when you understand that what I’ve always been, no matter what the job description said, is a book lover. Story, in all myriad forms, captivates me.

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Rebecca Nolen says June 18, 2014

Fantastic read. Thank you for sharing your life!

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