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One of my core survival tactics as a one-woman marketing team is "replace myself." During my day job, my time is capped at 25 hours/week. It's actually one of the reasons I took the job -- it gives me time to work on my own projects and a flexible schedule to spend time with my family. But it is a massive challenge to do all of the content creation, strategy, scheduling, print marketing, advertising, and editing for the organization. During my first year on the job, there was one category of marketing that routinely fell off the end of my priority list at the end of the day... Social Media.

At first, I thought it was odd, because I genuinely love social media. After thinking about the problem, I realized that the reason I wasn't posting consistently, despite many shifts in my approach, was that all of my other responsibilities had external (outside the organization) deadlines. If I didn't get the print files to our printer on time, we'd miss our deadline for sending out our quarterly publication to several thousand people. If I missed a social media posting, no one would blink an eye. At least, until I completed my monthly report and saw the dismal numbers.

​Then I heard about CoSchedule. Probably from one of the many podcasts I'm addicted to. If I could remember which one, I'd send a box of chocolates and my eternal gratitude in a basket.

Within the first five minutes of using CoSchedule, I was doing a jig. I knew I'd found something that would finally make it possible to hit my social media targets in the limited amount of time I could devote to scheduling posts.

Within a week, there was a clear "CoSchedule effect" on post frequency and engagement.

By two months, I had the evidence to prove beyond a doubt the value of CoSchedule to my boss.​ On Facebook, our number of posts went up 300% and engagement went up 90% (without extra ad spend). Twitter saw an even greater increase: 838% in number of tweets, and 151% in impressions.

Factoring in that the monthly cost of CoSchedule was less than one hour of my time, this turned out to be one of highlights on my annual employment review!​

So here is how it works:

I almost never open my CoSchedule dashboard; I work entirely within our WordPress site, which is probably one of the reasons this system works so well. I can do it all in one place.

My typical process goes like this - write a blog post (1-2 hours), create graphics and lay out the post. When it's ready to go, I just scroll down to the bottom where the CoSchedule plug-in resides. 

Note: You can see in the left column, there's an icon for CoSchedule. If you want to get a birds-eye view of everything you've scheduled, you can do that right here. Again, no need to log in somewhere else or open yet another tab. 

Next, I hit the plus sign for "Today" (or "Same Day as Publish", if you're scheduling the post for later publication). Then it's just a matter of selecting from a drop-down menu the social media accounts you want to share to, and writing the post. CoSchedule picks up any images in the article automatically so they're one click away from being used in your posts. You can add hashtags and @ people, or upload specific images you want to use instead of the graphics used in the post.

Wash, rinse, repeat until you've scheduled out social media posts from this ONE piece of content, for a month or longer.

Just remember: a tool like this makes your social media presence consistent. Only you can make it worthwhile. Use this newfound power responsibly.

And great news! You can help a fellow 1p marketing team out by using my referral link (because, of course, I'm using CoSchedule for ALL of my websites now)!

Short & sweet: http://wp.me/p4tMsU-1li

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Ryan says April 14, 2017

Hi Megan!

Thanks for the awesome CoSchedule review! We appreciate the love, and I’m glad it’s helping you get your time back!

Happy CoScheduling!

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